Women of the Sea

A collection of women who live for Mother Ocean.


Meet Kassia Meador. Surfer, Designer, Photographer. California born & bred. Crowned "Queen of Noseriding" by the New York Times in 2011.

Throughout her 17 years of longboarding as a pro, she designed activewear and products under her sponsors like Roxy. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to naturally evolve creatively and start KASSIA+SURF, her own line of eco-conscious wetsuits for women, which has their own wetsuit recycling program. She also leads surf, yoga, & sound healing retreats to connect with her community.

What I admire about Kassia is that, in more ways than one, she inspires and empowers women to expand their minds, bodies, and souls through healthy active lifestyle choices and experiences. Now that's a mission I can get behind!

You can support & follow Kassia at @kassiasurf


Meet Kimi Werner. US National Spearfishing Champion, Certified Culinary Chef, Award Winning Artist.

Kimi grew up off the grid in coastal Maui watching her father freedive for her family's primary food source. As she became an adult, she discovered her own passion for freediving.

What I admire about Kimi is that she takes her talent--with one breath, one drop, & one shot to get one fish--to provide sustenance for her family & community. She is a prime example of someone living a fulfilled life by regularly facing fears. With a deep appreciation for the ocean, she is geared up to help build a healthy future for our global community.

You can learn more about her story on @Patagonia's FISHPEOPLE documentary on @Netflix where they dive into six people whose lives were transformed by the sea.

Follow Kimi and her magical underwater adventures @kimi_swimmy


Meet Kelia Moniz Termini. You can call her Sister.

Born & raised into a surf family on the south shore of Oahu, she is the only sister out of 5 siblings. She's a two-time WSL Longboard Champion and one of the beautiful faces of Roxy.

Though she's been out of the competition scene for a few years, she's back at it again at the Noosa Longboard Open, which is going on now til Sunday (take into account the different timezones if you want to watch it live on @wsl!). Her graceful surfing style is filled with finesse.

Her carefree, down to earth vibes, and closeness she has with her family are what I admire most. Not to mention her IG stories crack me up & are fun to watch! You can follow along the ride at @keliamoniz!