yoga leggings

Collab: Speckled Bliss x oojooverse

We recently collaborated with 0ojo0verse for a fun photoshoot in honor of International Day of Yoga. They have rad leggings and other apparel you can rock in your next yoga class, festival, or daily errand. 

Their designs are consciously created to "enlighten and embrighten your lives with the lush colors and patterns this universe has to offer". And personally, I am excited to see all the latest designs they launch to creation.

Not only do they offer these magnificently-colored wearable art pieces, but they are also giving back to Soldiers' Angels to help the troops and veterans face the battles ahead.

                                                  0ojo0verse design: Vortex

                                                  0ojo0verse design: Vortex

Stay updated with their latest designs by following them on Instagram. Until 7/31, they'll have 15% off all their leggings! 



Enjoy your leggings and stay blissed!

Til next time!